Bravery Brewing Company Beers

Our tasting room beers current as of 4/24/2017.

- Bartto: Double IPA: 9% ABV - 130 IBUS
- Batch #400: Black Barleywine: 9.3% ABV - 75 IBUS
- Braverator: Doppelbock: 7.5% ABV - 18 IBUS
- Brighton ESB: Extra Special Bitter: 5.6% ABV - 41 IBUS
- Bullfrog: Wee Heavy: 8.0% ABV - 24 IBUS
Buster's Brown: West Coast Brown Ale: 6% ABV - 40 IBUS
- Centennial Barleywine: Centennial Hopped Barleywine: 10.3% ABV-100   IBUS
- Dubbel Pumple: Belgian Dubbel brewed with pumpkin, apple cider, and     spices: 6.7% ABV - 19 IBUS
- Flying Ace: English Pub Ale: 4.0% ABV-33 IBUS
- Ginger Witbier: Witbier w/ ginger: 4.2% ABV-15 IBUS
- Gunny's Choice: Belgian-Style Quad: 10.8% ABV - 30 IBUS
- King Korova: Imperial Sweet Stout: 9.5% ABV-71 IBUS
- Köbi: kölsch-style ale: 5% ABV-25 IBUS
Korova: Sweet stout w/lactose: 5% ABV-24 IBUS
- McMurphy's: Irish Red Ale: 5.0% ABV - 23 IBUS
- Meritorious: Belgian Cellar Ale: 9.0% ABV-27 IBUS
Mr. Quilty: Belgian Pale Ale: 5.3% ABV-25 IBUS
Nitro: Korova: Sweet stout w/lactose: 5% ABV-24 IBUS
Old Rat: English old-style ale: 9% ABV-55 IBUS
- Rope Yarn: Summer Wheat Ale: 5.0% ABV-14 IBUS
- RPA: American Pale Ale w/ Rye: 5.3% ABV - 39 IBUS
- Single Ladies: Pale Ale w Mosaic Hops and Marris Otter Malt: 5.1% ABV-   37 IBUS
Semper Rye: American Strong Ale with Rye: 10.5% ABV - 117 IBUS
Slow Hand: Cream Ale: 5.4% ABV-17 IBUS 
Smoking Gun: Imperial Rye Porter: 9.0% ABV-59 IBUS
- Test Strong Ale #2: American Strong Ale: 7.5% ABV-75 IBUS
- The Shroud: Russian Imperial Stout: 10.7% ABV-65 IBUS
Bravura Collective:
- Canis Major: Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Brown: 12.5% ABV-52 IBUS
Coming out this week:
- Blackberry IPA: IPA w/ Blackberries: 8.0% ABV-88 IBUS
Bottled Beers:

We have a selection of our bottled beers available in the tasting room. Also, you can find our Buster's Brown, Old Rat, Allegiance IPA, Meritorious, The Shroud,  KorovaSmoking Gun, Bartto or Köbat select markets and stores in the Antelope Valley and throughout Southern California. If your favorite store doesn't carry any of our beers, ask them to!





Bravery Crowlers:
You can now purchase 32-ounce cans of your favorite Brävery beer!
It's simple. Choose the beer you want, and we'll seal the can in the tasting room with our beer inside! Most of our beers are available for crowler and growler fills.Stop by and grab a can or two for yourself and for your friends! Cheers!

Bravery Beers Available by the Keg from the Tasting Room
Available 5 gallon (1/6 bbl) kegs as of 4/24/2017:

Brighton ESB: Extra Special Bitter: 5.6% ABV - 41 IBUS
Buster's Brown: West Coast Brown Ale: 6% ABV - 40 IBUS
Dubbel Pumple: Belgian-Style Dubbel with apple cider, pumpkin, &           spices: 6.7% ABV - 19 IBUS
High Desert Saison: Ale brewed with local alfalfa honey, hop sage           and juniper berries: 4.7% ABV - 17 IBUS
Köbi: kölsch-style ale: 5% ABV-25 IBUS
Korova: Sweet stout w/lactose: 5% ABV-24 IBUS
Old Rat: English-Style Old Ale: 9% ABV-55 IBUS
RPA: American Pale Ale w/ Rye: 5.3% ABV - 39 IBUS
Slow Hand: Cream Ale: 5.4% ABV - 17 IBUS

*1/2 barrel kegs are also available on request.

Bravery Beer Finder:

Bravery Beer is available in over 100 locations throughout southern California. Use our beer finder map to find fabulous bars and restaurants serving our beer.

Click here to see the map. 

The Tasting Room:

We do not prepare food, however you are welcome to bring your own food, or call out for pizza, etc. Our patio area is available for outdoor seating, weather permitting. there is a smoking section available on the patio. For more information, check the "events" section of our website.

Tasting Room Hours:

Monday: 3 - 10pm. Tuesday: 3 - 10pm. Wednesday: 3 - 10pm. Thursday: 2 - 11pm. Friday: 2 - 11pm. Saturday: 12 - 11pm.  Sunday: 12 - 8pm.