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Honoring Tradition while Exploring the Bold and New


Step into our Tasting Room and you're greeted by our expansive draft offerings.  With 30+ beers on tap, we're certain you'll find a beer you love.  Our brewers work hard to make sure a broad selection of styles and flavor profiles are available year-round for you to enjoy.

man shoveling material out of a beer production tank

A Sense of Time & Place

Beer is ever-evolving.  Every year new ingredients are explored, new techniques are implemented, and boundaries are pushed.  Amidst all of this innovation we are still enthralled by the historical styles that started it all.  Sourcing raw ingredients from around the world, paying close attention to water chemistry, and studying style parameters are some of the ways we work to celebrate traditional styles such as the Kölsch of Cologne, Special-Bitters of England, and the Bavarian Hefeweizen.

Experimental Techniques and Unconventional Ingredients


As much as we love brewing and sharing classical beer styles, we find equal joy in new flavor profiles.  Whether it's accentuating existing flavors in a traditional style or creating something completely new, there's no limit to what beer can do.  We celebrate the seasonality of delicious fruits such as strawberries in the summer with our tart wheat ale and blackberries in spring with our fruited IPAs.  Coffee, chocolate, roasted nuts and baking spices are all ingredients that may find a place in our catalog of beers.  We are always keeping our eyes, ears, and hearts open to new ingredients and methods to continue pushing the boundaries of our beers.

Beer, Oak, and Time


From day one we have carefully aged our more robust beers in a wide variety of wine and spirit casks.  Our beers age for a full year, so expect a powerful impact from the barrel while enjoying these beers.  Our location in the High Desert means intense temperature swings.  Blistering heat during the Summer and snowfall in the Winter as well as large swings between daytime and nighttime temperatures encourages the beer to push deep into the oak staves at peak temperature, and draw back during cooler periods.  This "breathing" in and out of the oak works to thoroughly extract the saturated spirits and oak compounds from each barrel.  We always have a wide variety of barrel-aged beers for you to try when you visit our Tasting Room, we look forward to sharing our passion for these special beers with you.