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In the beginning


Bravery Brewing was founded in 2011 at a time when the Antelope Valley was void of breweries.  We were excited to finally bring a craft brewing experience to the people of the Antelope Valley. From day one, our team has worked to create a space that not only celebrates the joys of making and enjoying beer but also celebrates our community.

Group of people cheers with beers
beer barrels lined up

Our Location


Once our location in Lancaster, CA was secured and all appropriate paperwork was submitted, we hit the ground running. Working quickly on a limited budget to get our doors open as soon as possible, we celebrated our Grand Opening on Independence Day, 2012.  We started small.  Bravery Brewing initially started on a 3-barrel brewhouse with 20 barrels of fermentation capacity.  On such a small system, we were always able to explore new styles of beer and make gradual improvements to our mainstays.

Our Legacy


As our line-up of beers continued to develop, so did our Tasting Room.  When you first enter our space, it's impossible to miss the American Flag adorning the Southern wall of our Tasting Room.  We refer to this wall as the 'Wall of Bravery'; framing the flag are hundreds of photos of service members and pieces of memorabilia that have been brought in by our Tasting Room patrons.  In 2016 we reached the limit with what our 3-barrel brewhouse could handle and expanded into what is now our 15-barrel production facility.  We are now able to make more beer than ever with added room for our award-winning barrel-aging program.